Wednesday, June 23, 2010

mysterious minds

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I enjoy reading your comments as much as I enjoy reading your e-mails, so I've decided to do a post dedicated to some questions I've received. If there's something else you want to know, please leave a comment OR shoot me an e-mail and I will do part 2! You can ask me anything about any topic big or small, but I reserve the right to plead the fifth ;)

Any advice for getting into the fashion/retail industry?
Depends on where you are in your career, but an internship is always a good place to start. Scout out all the retail companies in your area and apply for whatever job they have available. There are plenty of people at my former job who started off answering phones in the call center and our now working on the corporate side doing everything from buying to internet marketing. A foot in the door will take you a long way.

Can we exchange links?
Absolutely! Just leave me comment or send me an e-mail.

I'm new to blogging. What's the best way to get my blog out there?
Make sure you leave comments on your favorite bloggers pages! Other than that I don't know. Lol. While it's GREAT to have a following and my heart skips a beat every time my number of followers goes up, I blog because I love to do it, not to be the biggest blogger out there. Just have fun with it, and the rest will come.

Do you have extensions?
Nope. My hair is all mine, all the time, in every picture :)

How do you keep your hair so healthy/what is your hair regimen?
I can be quite insatiable when it comes to my hair, so I appreciate all the hair compliments I get. My regimen is fairly simple...I get a relaxer every 8 weeks, and I get my ends trimmed every other relaxer. In between relaxers, I normally go to a Dominican hair salon where I ALWAYS get a deep conditioning treatment and I normally only get my roots blown out. When my hair is pulled back, which it is a lot these days, that means I've done it myself and I just wash it with conditioner (no shampoo as weird as that sounds) and I put a few braids in it take them out and it's curly. I think the key to healthy hair for me is getting it washed weekly and not using heat in between salon visits.

Are your married?
No. The ring I sometimes wear on my ring finger is a 25th birthday gift from my mom. BUT for as long as my boyfriend and I have been together (8 years or so) I think we may be common law married ;) I just need to get the ring...

Do you live in Atlanta?
Yes! I heart my city :) :) :) BUT I am originally from Oakland, California (right outside of San Fran) and I am moving back in August.

What/who inspires your style?
Me! Just kidding. I can't take all the credit. I totally get inspiration from other blogs and people around me, and I do experiment here and there with the latest and greatest trends, but for the most part, I stay true to myself...simple and chic. When I try to get fancy and add a bracelet and hat and a ring etc, I end up looking silly. I like to pop my outfits with shoes, bags and scarves. O, and nail polish!

How tall are you?
5 feet 2 inches. I'm VERY petite, but I've got my body issues like everyone else!

How can you afford designer shoes and bags?
I GO TO WORK EVERYDAY! That's what I want to say when I get this question or some form of it, but that sounds a bit abrasive. My PC answer, back when I was working, goes like this....I work hard, and I am young, single, with no kids, so now is the time to splurge on me, and that doesn't happen regularly. For the most part I'm in thrift stores, Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy, Urban Outfitters etc. AND regardless of whether I am at Saks or GoodWill, I rarely buy anything full price. Yes, that's right folks...even GoodWill has sales!

If you weren't blogging about fashion what would you be blogging about?
FOOD! I love to eat. I love to cook. I love restaurants. I love new recipes. I actually contemplated calling my blog food and fashion or something of the sort. Maybe I will try to incorporate some food stuff in the blog from time to time.


  1. hello! thanks for you comment! I see you like colorful prints...I am a big fan too...
    Loving the dress by the way! Kiss

  2. I have always felt there was a correlation between style and food.

    Usually when people get dressed and enjoy a night on the town, at some point in time food will enter the conversation. Given that, yes, cooking and eating makes perfect sense.

    I am laughing at your reply @ How can you afford designer shoes and bags?

    Good answer! Matter of fact - the ONLY answer! Hahaha.

    Enjoyed the Q & A.

  3. I go to work everyday! LOL! Priceless!

  4. good answers! my hair routine is similar, only i probably go a lot longer with out a salon visit of any kind lol. Unfortunately, I'm in college and can't say that I'm able to splurge on anything lol. I have been avoiding heat too, and doing the 'braid out' most often these days.

    Thanks for your comment. Does that mean you would like to be entered into the drawing for the camera?

  5. Thanks for sharing that Q&A with us. It was cool to learn more about you.

  6. Girl you do not have any body issues :-)

    I'm 5'2 as well...I have body issues!!

    So when you move back to Cali are you still going to blog?

  7. loving the inspiration
    you've got a great blog, i'll be back for sure!
    if you've got three seconds and like cute clothes, head to and sign up - it's free and easy, a company launching their collection in the fall and i need 1,000 people to sign up so i can win an ipad! it would mean the world, thanks so much!
    keep up your wonderful blog.


  8. Lovin' the floral print on this dress - may sound odd, but you have a nice back! you wear the dress well girl ;)


  9. Love the back of your dress.
    And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog- much appreciated!

  10. I love that picture! and I also LOVE food, my grandma is Indonesian and I'm cooking alot of Indonesian stuff lately it's delish but not very good if you wanna loose weight haha xxxx

  11. love the back on this dress! and its cute to read this questions.

  12. Great Q&A! I have a question. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Still blogging I hope...

  13. what is your favorite thing in your closet?

  14. In addition to my previous question,I have this comment about your dress: if I had a back and body like yours, I would order that dress in a heartbeat.

  15. Hey! Great Q&A. I was wondering, how will the imc masters degree contribute to your future career goals?

    Just curious I'm interested in it too and i'm interested in working in the advertising industry.

  16. You always look good on floral dress.. amazing

  17. don-no matter what i'm doing food enters the equation. i truly believe i enjoy food more than the avg person.

    fashion cents-i wasn't splurging on anything when i was in school either, and won't be splurging anymore now that i am going back to school :( but when i's on :)

    corie-i will address the body issue comment and your other question in part ii ;)


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