Sunday, October 4, 2009

in the wind: chicago

Last weekend I took a trip to Chicago with my girlfriend Nkechi. I packed the night before, so there aren't too many exciting clothing pics BUT the city is beautiful so enjoy some of the highlights:
i got a taste of the chicago wind while i was there. it was no good for the hair.

despite the wind the sky was clear, presenting the perfect opportunity for skyline pics!

belles in blazers...mines thrifted, hers zara!

we had lunch at RL (ralph lauren's restaurant). it was basically like eating in a ralph lauren store, and everyone looked like they belonged in a ralph lauren ad. i highly recommend it.

there was beautiful artwork everywhere you turned.

and i am obsessed with these floral shaped plants that lined the magnificent mile.

Overall it was a great trip, in a great city, with great company :)

Next weekend....BOSTON!


  1. The picture of the two of you at the Ralph Lauren restaurant is so adorable!

  2. All the pictures are so nice. What beautiful smiles the two of you have.It's obvious that you were having a great time and enjoying being together.That's what friendship is all about.

  3. i need to make a trip to chicago! ya'll are very stylish! :)

  4. You're both beautiful girls and really like your blazer and scarf!

  5. Thanks for the comment! How cute are those flower plants


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