Monday, October 26, 2009

i die

(images from netaporter)

...for these Christian Louboutin oxfords. I want them soooooooo bad, and I know I have better ways to spend my money at the moment but, I DIE. I'm trying my best not to think about them, but I see them in my dreams at night. The plan is to check them out in person and cross my fingers that 1) they are sold out OR 2) they won't have my size OR 3) I think they are hideous in person (not likely). If none of this turns out to be the case, I will start taking donations...or keep dreaming.


  1. those are cute; they must be a pretty penny if they're Louboutin


  2. but you got the MIA oxfords!...

  3. I thought by now I could see some beauty in those shoes, but I don't.Maybe it's because I am from an older generation.

  4. K-They are cute and they are a pretty penny, but I am notorious for finding deals ;)

    Maxine- I know and I love them too, but these are so shiny and pretty. But you are right. I need to be happy with the one’s I have. This shopping diet I am on is making me a little crazy…

    Myrtle-If you saw them in person I BET you would like them!

  5. in love with that shoes!


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