Thursday, September 24, 2009

school days

banana jacket, urban top, anthro skirt

I wore this to work a few days ago and my department intern told me I looked like a school girl :( Not exactly the look I was going for. O well, I guess you win some, you loose some. I'm off to Chicago tomorrow. Everyone enjoy their weekend. I sure hope to despite the fact that I am overworked, overtired and SICK!
P.S. excuse my messy room in the background. I had no intentions of posting this picture. I was playing dress up...


  1. Hi Catholic School Girl. What an innocent look!

  2. Have fun in Chicago!! Cute buttons on the sweater!

  3. This whole look is so cute! Make sure you go to Geno's and/or Girodano's pizza. Its the best deep dish! Trust me I'm from the Chi! :-)

  4. SC I never made it to either pizza place and they were both on my list :-(

    is that the el on your blog?

  5. I love the top and jacket. I guess the print in the skirt makes it look school-girlish. But you look nice either way!

  6. The outfit looks very cute to me. Personally, I love playing around with different looks and styles - sometimes more girly and school girl-like than others;)


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