Monday, September 21, 2009

fashion police

I didn't watch the Emmy's but I did watch the Fashion Police on E!. Here are some of the highlights for me:

only heidi can make pregnant look so good.

i don't know why, but i like this a lot. maybe it's b/c her face is so stunning. i just wish she would have chosen a different shoe.

in the words of rachel zoe "i die". this picture does not do this dress justice at all.

simple elegance! i think her body looks amazing in this dress.

love, love, love. this color is gorgeous, the neckline is fab, and the necklace is perfect.

the fashion police hated it. i don't mind it.
(pics from instyle and emmy)


  1. I didnt mind leightons dress either I actually liked it. I also wish mila would have used different shoes

  2. Interesting highlights! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I feel like Leighton's looks have been dead on! Girl has taste and I think she's been looking super fierce and hot!

  4. wait heidy is pregnant again>??? wt hahhahah
    she looks really pretty though, she is so gorgeous!
    i didnt watch this either but mostly if i do i watch it cuz the outfits!!!

  5. yeah i don't know why leighton was getting such a bad wrap. they said the things on her shoulders looked like cotton balls or something like that. i thought she looked good. her hair and makeup fit the look so well.

    seems like heidi is always preggers!

  6. i agree girl, seeing Heidi made me want to get pregnant! lol

  7. as much as i love gowns, i feel like i can't relate a lot of the time, because it's something i can hardly ever wear.. you know?


  8. all my faves as well! loved Mila!


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