Thursday, August 6, 2009

cream of the crop

old navy deep v tee, thrifted INC skirt, steve madden luxe shoes

I really like this little cream skirt and the b/f (also known as my photog) does too! Normally he just takes the pics and doesn’t comment on the clothes much, but he told me that he really likes the skirt. It must be the leather piping detail that you can barely see from the picture. He also said “And I like those shoes more now too” Ummm, he’s never even seen these shoes before, but it was a nice try ;) Too cute!

Speaking of the shoes, obviously I kept them. The
Steve Madden Luxe line seems to be more comfortable than the regular line.

P.S-Excuse my bare neck. I forgot my necklace. Dang!


  1. i really love the way u put outfits together

  2. oh that skirt is amazing!

  3. Nice outfit...the 'photographer' does a wonderful job.

  4. Very cute!! YOu always look so crisp and put together! I really like your style!!

  5. haha .. guys are so crazy . love this skirt though .definitely a great piece for your wardrobe


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