Sunday, August 23, 2009


urban outfitters knit dress, thrifted belt, MIA (???) sandals

I started this blog on a random Saturday night. I was taking a break from doing work, blog surfing, and thought to myself "I could do this". 50 posts later, here I am! And now that I've finally reached 50 posts, I am loosing my photog to business school, and debating on whether or not to continue. Anyone out there using tripods to photograph themselves, or have any other suggestions on how to keep the blog up????

In addition to the fact that I am loosing my photog, I am also feeling totally uninspired lately. TOTALLY! I don't even have the desire to shop. I know that won't last long...

At any rate, this is what I wore a week ago to have brunch with my mom at the Westin Hotel. I've had this dress for about 4 years and I normally reserve it for Fall/Winter since it's knit, but it was one of the few things in my closet that didn't need to be ironed, and I didn't feel like ironing ;)


  1. you look really cute in that! don't stop blogging!:)

  2. Do you want to break my heart? Please continue to blog. I don't have a suggestion for a photog, but I do have one for ironing:Gather everything that needs ironing,and just start ironing.Then your outfits will be ready to wear. This Is Old School Advice.



  4. Its okay to take a break. But don't quit. I use my blogging to prevent me from shopping too much. I use blogging about things I want as a type of therapy to get my passion and desire for things off my chest. You might be drained of the need to shop. But it will come back. Give it time! :)

  5. Thanks for the comments :) For the time being I am going to try and keep it up. I may go back to doing mirror pics like I did in the beginning.

  6. Really classy and elegant. Props.


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