Tuesday, July 7, 2009

mmmm missoni

thrifted belt and bag, target tank, missoni skirt, christian louboutin shoes

I ordered this skirt online thinking it was a dress b/c the model was wearing a matching cami. It wasn’t until I went back to the site to send my friend the link of the fabulous dress I had just bought, that I discovered it was a skirt! Dang! I was so mad at myself b/c there’s no way I would have paid that kind of money for a friggin skirt, but the feeling faded as soon as it came in the mail. How can you not love anything Missoni, right? Not to mention that I actually get more wear from it as a skirt, than I would as a dress! Funny how things work out.

BTW this is what I wore to the party 4th of July night. The crowd was very fashion right. I love when that happens.


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous, and more gorgeous!!

  2. hey its ok its a skirt
    you can stil lwear it with alot of things. its great to match it with colorful tops

    love your shirt and of course the missoni skirt :)

  3. lovely as usual ...ur style kinda reminds me of Mrs. Obama ..lovely ..

  4. LOVE THE SKIRT! ;) i can imagine your disappointment but glad that you still decided to keep it.
    it is amazing by the way!

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  5. gorgeous skirt!! glad it worked out

  6. i love this outfit so much! it's great on you. i think it like it more as a skirt b/c you can pair it with bright tops like this one!


  7. love ur skirt. so differnt from anything else

  8. it's a lovely skirt!! you can pair it with lot different tops!!

    glad you love it !!!


  9. Gorgeous look, the skirt is killer!

  10. Just blog cruisin'...and I stumbled upon the little treasure that is yours! Glad I did, it's definitely about something <3

    You're personal style is definitely on point -truly inspirational!

    P.S - I've added your blog to my blog list :-) –will be back shortly...

    Much love


  11. Fantastic skirt! As you said, you'll probably get more wear out of it, thank you would a dress, plus the combo of black/white is the most versatile thing you can get. Congrats on the purchase! And great blog by the way :)

  12. I appreciate all the lovely comments! Any disappointment I had abt the skirt not being a dress, you guys wiped away! Thanks again!

  13. Love the skirt! it looks great on you

  14. u look absolutely STUNNING.. absolutely love this outfit hun

  15. you look soo gorgeous! love the skirt!


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