Friday, June 5, 2009

watch it

urban jeans and sweater, TOCS watch

I am so excited about my new timepiece ;) I never realized how important my watch was to me until I broke mine last month, and I also never realized how expensive watches were until I started researching them. I wanted an oversized face, so I tried the men's thing, but that didn't really work because my wrist is tiny, and it was nearly impossible to find women's watches with big enough faces, in my budget. So I had basically given up hope until I discovered TOCS (Time Pieces of Color and Style). This brand is basically heaven sent. I started with black because I needed something basic, but I plan to get one in pink, and purple and blue and green and so on and so forth :)

I also really love Marc Jacobs watches (I love all things Marc). Here are a few that I am eyeing from him in case anyone is reading who would like to gift me one...or all:

neiman marcus, prices between $200-$275


  1. Those are some beautiful watches. I really need to purchase one for myself. For the past two years or longer, I have been using my cell phone as my timepiece.


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