Monday, June 22, 2009

summer scrapbook

Summer is finally here, and I have nothing planned. UGH! This is the first time in a while that I don’t have some sort of fun/semi big vacation planned, and I have minor panic attacks every time I think about it. Between family, friends, and the bf, I can always get one other person (which is really all I need) to join me somewhere, but not this year. It seems like the older we get the busier we get, and the harder it is to make stuff happen. I’m sure something will pop up between now and the end of Summer, I just wish I knew what :-/ Enough of my rant…last night, to make myself feel better (or worse), I was looking through photos from various trips I’ve taken over the last couple of years, and I figured I share some here. Enjoy :)

2005, on kukulcan, one of the main streets in cancun. mexico beaches are beautiful!

2006, 162 feet in the air atop the beautiful arc de triomphe in paris. it was clearly windy up there.

2006, in south beach with my dear and fabulous friend nkechi. i think this may have been the last girlfriend’s trip i’ve taken.

2007, at a lake back in cali where I was born in raised. the adorable one is my nephew naasir.

2008, in san juan, puerto rico sipping on the best drink i’ve EVER had, which was accompanied by the best and biggest pork chop i’ve ever had.

2008, in vegas at planet hollywood hotel for my bday.

2008, outside my resort in scottsdale. i need to make this a yearly trip. i’ve never been more relaxed coming off of a vacation.


  1. I enjoyed the pictures. Two of them really brought back some wonderful memories.

  2. i don't have summer plan as of yet too. thinking about hawaii again.

  3. Pack me in your suitcase next time you are headed to Hawaii ;)

  4. i absolutely love ur style.. no fuss very chic

  5. Well traveled, well traveled. I need to be more like you.


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