Monday, July 30, 2018


So blogging. Ugh! I have a semi love-hate relationship with you right now. If I’m being honest a lot of it comes from the IG algorithm. I wish they would just go back to chronological order already. The algorithm favors the big “guys” virtually making it impossible for the rest of us to grow. I won’t get into all of the nuances but the more likes you get the more likely you are to be seen on the feed of new people as well as your current followers. But if people aren’t seeing you how can they like your post? Whatever (insert eye roll).
Aside from that, blogging is very time consuming and sadly the more I climb that good old corporate ladder the less free time I have. I’m not one of those girls who has a blogger husband taking my photos while I’m out doing my day to day activities. I have to schedule shoots, pick 4-5 outfits, scout the location, pack the outfits (think packing for a vacation and how annoying that is...this is essentially the same thing), shoot the looks, o and let’s not forget about changing in the car trying to avoid the strangers walking by judging. And then there’s the final step of finding time to put the post together! In fact I’m sitting here now writing this post on a red eye instead of sleeping! 
So maybe I’m just tired and cranky at the moment. Because as much as I’m complaining and for as long as I’ve been feeling this way, I’m still going strong! Well strong might be an overstatement, but I haven’t given up!! I really love shooting and working with talented photographers like Brittany of Work It Berk. And what other outlet do I have to tell people that parasols are my new favorite summer accessory?! And how would I document travel with no blog or IG. 
So for now I’m here, but for later? We shall see...

WORN TO: explore scottsdale

**shot by WORK IT, BERK**


  1. Oh hello there lady! One I'm glad to see you blogging again, two, never give up the fight! I'm still at it plugging away and yes it can for sure be defeating but when you are excited by something now is not the time to give it up. Big hug!

    xo carlina

  2. Love the parasol! It really compliments the outfit! Noooooo, please don't stop blogging!!!Your clothing styles are so beautiful and the write-ups are so interesting! Hang in there!

    1. Here Myrtle, c'mere girl. Good girl, good girl. Sit Myrtle, sit!


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