Monday, November 20, 2017


She's bakkkkkk. I know I've been posting pictures of my trip here and there, but I took about a 5 month break from personal style blogging and about a 2 month break from social media altogether. Long story short, I saw Hamilton and went to SF Pride on the same day and got some amazing content for IG and the blog and guess what? My phone crashed on me. CRASHED! And I lost everything from the previous 8 months. It affected me in a way that it wouldn't have had I not had a blog. I was sad. So, so, so, so sad.  I was stressed. I was mad. Willing to pay crazy amounts of money to possibly restore my phone. All because I lost some stupid pictures? Ha! So I said, you know what? This is too much, and I'm just walking away from all of it, and I did. But I had a shoot a couple of weeks ago, and another shoot yesterday so for now, I'm bakkkkkkkkkk and I'm also now backing up my phone. Boom!  
Now about the clothes! I wore this skirt to the oh so fabulous Veuve Clicqout Polo Classic in sunny LA, but I decided I wanted to fallerize the look despite the cherry blossom print and soft green color. And what better way to do that than with a classic turtleneck and some over the knee boots! 

WEARING: old skirt (SIMILAR FOR $22), nordstrom turtleneck & sunnies (ALMOST THE SAME), unisa over the knee boots (SIMILAR UNDER $100)

(at the #VCPoloClassic)

let's get social

  photo 6ee01289-6c46-40a4-913e-0ad85c8d4a20_zps3735f14e.jpg
**shot by WORK IT, BERK**


  1. Glad you are BACK and looking beautiful as always!

  2. Love the smiley face along with the cherry blossom print; perfect for your floraled and blossomy nature, even in the fall.

    All of which assures your neverending ability to see the bright side.


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