Monday, October 16, 2017


Next up on the French Riviera was Eze, the must see hillside village with amazing views, unique shopping and the very fragrant Fragonard Perfume factory. 

We spent way too much time and money at the perfume factory. From the tour, to the education on all the scents, give yourself at least 2 hours & $100+ here alone. It's a great place to buy gifts and souvenirs!
(where it all goes down)
(love the simple, yet opulant gold bottles)

Aside from the factory the village is so charming! We started off with lunch at LE PINOCCHIO and then began the trek up the hill.
(that sauce for the salmon was delicious)
I'm not sure we made it to the top, in our most appropriate slides and sandals (ha!) 
(rest stop)

But we saw great views, gelato shops, tea and soap vendors, and even a dessert botanical garden making the trek completely worth it!
(can you smell the roses?)

(monte carlo!!)
From Eze we ubered (yes there is Uber) to Monaco/Monte Carlo. It's also an easy bus ride away. Just have someone in the area point you in the right direction. I didn't get to explore Monaco the way I wanted because we got there so late, but it's quite spectacular at night and in my opinion, it's more glamorous than Dubai. I was mesmerized. 


  1. Thanks for taking the time to write about Eze and Monaco/Monte Carlo, a most entertaining post. As I've said: Your trips overseas are everything.

    Your photography offered just as amazing views themselves. And it's interesting how you described Monaco as more glamorous than Dubai, considering everything I recall you saying about Dubai.

    Monaco must be breathtaking.

  2. Your pictures and descriptions have me feeling like I went on this trip with you. WOW!!!!

  3. Love it. Thanks for sharing!


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