Monday, November 14, 2016


Don’t you love when you can make a statement with what you choose to wear?

Nope to racism.
Nope to bullying.
Nope to misogyny.
Nope to xenophobia.
Nope to homophobia.

 I pray that the president elect continues to shock us and turns out to be a different person than he’s portrayed himself to be since — basically forever. There is so much anger/fear/hate out there, and trust me I get it, but I am choosing to be cautiously optimistic un-pessimistic. And if things turn out to be as disastrous as many are predicting, hopefully half of the country will learn a lesson about electing a person who the other half of us said NOPE to.

WEARING: shirt from AMAZON, zara blazer (SIMILAR FOR $22), gap jeans, dolce vita heels (GREAT OPTION)
WORN TOfashionably protest

let's get social
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  1. I love your outfit as well as your sentiments! They echo mine!

  2. Till this day, I don't know why I stay clear away from graphic tees. Especially, since all I wear is prints. So weird. But I love seeing other people rock and style their tees.

    Speaking of which, a big ol' NOPE to the next 4 years. Still can't believe how dumb America is by electing a damn celebrity with NO political skills to become the 45th President. Maddening. Absolutely maddening. And comical.


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