Monday, May 9, 2016


I'm sure I said this before somewhere on here, but I have this problem where I see something pretty or interesting in a picture and I feel like I need to see it in real life. So for all the people who asked me, "Why Peru", the answer is simple...Machu Picchu! I had to get there, but I had no idea getting there was not an easy feat and I had no idea I would love Peru as much as I did.

I didn't do a great job of using my camera, but please enjoy these (mostly) iPhone snaps. 

The road to Machu Picchu started with a full day in Lima...
Specifically with breakfast at HAITI with the best bacon & egg scramble you could even begin to imagine. And of course a Pisco Sour because when in Rome, right?
(super affordable & beautiful)
(Parque Kennedy a.k.a Cat Park)
(El Beso Statue in Parque del Amor)
Aside from Pisco Sours, Lima is known for its vibrant art scene, parks & PDA! Ha! I've never seen so many couple so in love (or lust) in one place which makes this famous El Beso statue most appropriate. 
Am I in California, or maybe Miami? Nope, it's Miraflores! This is the most popular section of Lima to stay in because it's close to the action and while I enjoyed this area  I will say it's not tremendously rich in culture and could easily be mistaken for any major metropolitan US city.
And then you turn the corner and run into a building that reminds you that you are in a different country. This one was my fav in Miraflores.

**Simply Chic Travel Tips: Lima**
Brush up on your Spanish before you head to Lima. This is the least English speaking city I've been to, and the people aren't that friendly or helpful. 

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful and exciting tour! And thanks for the travel tips!

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