Wednesday, June 1, 2016


It seems a little odd to be posting a wrap when we unofficially started summer this week, but with the temperamental weather in the Bay Area, this baby alpaca poncho/wrap can be worn year-round. Plus, I couldn't wait until fall to wear & show off my souvenir to myself from Peru. It's soft, versatile, lightweight but warm and unique. Everyone wants to know where I got it, and I proudly say Peru!

WEARING: poncho made & bought in peru, banana republic pants, zara heels
WORN: to work 

let's get social
 photo 6ee01289-6c46-40a4-913e-0ad85c8d4a20_zps3735f14e.jpg


  1. It's gorgeous! I would want to wear it all the time too!

  2. Love it! Beautiful poses!! Love your zest for life!

  3. You look beautiful. I love the look!


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