Sunday, March 6, 2016


 I've been wanting over-the-knee boots since last year, and now that I have some, I am living in them! 
My favorite way to wear them is just as I have them here  paired with a mini baby doll dress. 
With over-the-knee boots, I think it's easy to look overtly and/or overly sexy, and hey if that's the look you are going for no judgement here. But a short, long sleeve, flowy dress with these boots is more my speed.

WEARING: banana republic heart dress (SIMILAR, FUN PRINT) unisa over the knee boots (VERY SIMILAR), tree of life necklace via etsy (VERY SIMILAR)
WORN TO: diddy's party during superbowl weekend

let's get social
 photo 6ee01289-6c46-40a4-913e-0ad85c8d4a20_zps3735f14e.jpg

P.S. - This is what happens when your photog brings her niece to the shoot #love...


  1. LOVE the boots and that adorable last photo! Aw!

  2. A fab look and some fab photo shots! The last picture is priceless!

  3. Those boots! Yes! Cute photo at the end too!

  4. I love OTK boots, and I love the way you styled yours! Super cute!

    Kasi |

  5. Boss.

    And I love the naturally enhanced effects in the 4th photo: The trees capturing the sunlight in the background has a likeness to your smile and tree of life necklace in the forefront.

    1. I learned the tree of life meaning: "Their branches reach high into the heavens. Their roots dig deep into the earth. Yet all are woven together, signifying the connection between all things in the Heavens and the Earth. It is said to bring wisdom and calmness."

  6. This red floral dress is gorgeous and I love it with the nice and elegant black OTK boots. =)

    I would love for you to join my new linkup (below) with this outfit and any other recent outfits. They are too pretty, not to share. Thank you. =))


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