Monday, May 11, 2015


Last month I headed back to Scottsdale for my semi-annual (hopefully no semi—just annual) girl’s weekend/#spacation. Aside from the laid back, pure relaxation component of this trip, one of my favorite things about going to Scottsdale is that there is very little planning involved. We can just show up, and we already know where to eat, where to spa & what to do because if it ain’t broke…

 photo forever21_kimono202.jpg
 photo the-saguaro_scottsdale202.jpg
 photo forever21_kimono.jpg
This year we did try one new restaurant for breakfast that I highly recommend (DAILY DOSE), found a dinner spot we’ll try next year (SUMO MAYA), stumbled upon the cutest vintage boutique (FASHION BY ROBERT BLACK) & stayed at the vibrant instaready SAGUARO HOTEL
 photo the-saguaro_scottsdale203.jpg
 photo forever21_kimono203.jpg
 photo the-saguaro_scottsdale.jpg

In keeping with the laid back nature of the trip, I kept it comfy most of the extended weekend in flowy maxi dresses, kimonos, cut offs, bikinis and flats. All in all, it was a great weekend with great company!


  1. Nice Kimono. Hope your trip was fun.

  2. Sounds amazing! And I am loving the kimono with cut offs look!

  3. Loving the Kimono. Looking great.

  4. Too cute! So much fun!! The lovely kimono and those shorts are a perfect combination.

  5. I love your sense of style...simple yet electric!

  6. Cute, comfy and casual my kind of outfit!!!!

    Carsedra McKoy:


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