Monday, October 20, 2014


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I hope you enjoyed traveling through London, Paris & Amsterdam with me. I am back to regularly scheduled posts for now. I wore this particular look to church/brunch and then I turned around later in the week and wore it to work ;) Confessions of a lazy fashion blogger.

WEARING: target jacket via NIC'S PICKSBANANA REPUBLIC PANTS, neiman marcus purse, nordstrom necklace & blouse, JEAN-MICHEL CAZABAT PUMPS

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  1. Sometimes it's like that. If it works it works :) Hope the new job is treating you well.

  2. I can't take my eyes off of your jacket and your necklace. They really make a bold statement. I love the entire outfit.

  3. Great look; that crop jacket is so so cute.

  4. Yep , sometimes i get lazy with my fashion post on my blog But i'm loving this look on you , you look really chic and those shoes got me drooling. Lovely.


  5. Those shoes are boss! Great outfit!


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