Monday, June 2, 2014


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I've been doing a lot of shopping in my closet lately. Between booking my big  vacay for the summer and purchasing 10th row tickets to see Jay & Bey, I'm having to tightening the purse strings a bit. With that said, I pulled this oldie but goodie out of my closet for a Mother's Day luncheon. Typically I use any excuse to buy a new dress, but I made the smart decision and did the total opposite by wearing something that's been with me for more than 5 years. 

Do you have a favorite oldie but goodie? 

WEARING: anthropologie dress, bebe leather jacket, prada heels, thrifted belt
WORN TO: mother's day lunch at SEQUOYA COUNTRY CLUB

let's get social
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  1. It's gorgeous, good call on pulling this one out of your closet! And how fab does mom's day brunch sound at a country club?! ;)

    xo Carlina

  2. you nailed this look! lovely

  3. LOVE this dress! Great print. In't it refreshing to shop yoyr closet sometimes? I find myself doing that (a lot more) these days. Often times I'll find some really great items I may have overlooked.

    Happy Monday...xo!


  4. that dress is gorgeous and your hair is so pretty!

  5. This outfit is sooo cute!!! I love the leather jacket! I also loved how you mixed high end pieces with thrifted pieces.


  6. Beautiful

  7. What a charming girl you are! You look so pretty in this dress) Those photographs turned out so great;)
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  8. You look like a dancing pretty! My oldie but goodie is a navy blue sailor looking pantsuit. I've had it for 20 plus years.

  9. The dress is pretty and a classic piece... Love how you styled it with the jacket too. BTW, we're so jealous that you going for the Jay and Bey concert.

    Have a great week!

  10. overall lovely look but I adore those shoes and jacket more.

  11. very classy, elegant and beautiful as usual.

  12. What a beautiful dress. You make me want to wear more belts. Where to this summer?

  13. I love the back of this dress. I have been shopping my closet a lot lately, I own quite a few pieces that I consider treasures.

  14. Yes, yes, yes! This looks fab on you! Anthro has the best dresses...I gotta wait til the sales tho :)


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