Monday, April 7, 2014


 photo hunter_boa_1.jpg
 photo hunter_boa_2.jpg
 photo hunter_boa_3.jpg
 photo hunter_boa_4.jpg
 photo hunter_boa_5.jpg

Thanks for all your kind words regarding my mouth issues. My wisdom teeth are out and I've had no complications thus far, unless you count narcolepsy and fat a$$ cheeks! Ooooo, I wish I had it in me to show you my "sedated" selfies. I had no clue I had a full on photo shoot with myself after the surgery until days later when I was looking through my pics. Classic!

Like typical Bay Area weather, winter decides to show up once spring arrives, but I'm not complaining. We need the rain, and I'll take any excuse to bring out my Hunter Boa's and bubble umbrella. Have a good week. Narcolepsy is calling me...

WEARING: h&m sweater (SIMILAR), f21 shawl/scarf, MADEWELL SKINNY SKINNY JEANS c/o, hunter boa wellies (GETTING THESE NEXT), toms sunglasses c/o, FRANKFORD BLACK TRIM BUBBLE UMBRELLA
WORN TO:  run errands


  1. Thank God for everything going well! (oral surgery) I love the color of your scarf and sweater. That color brightens up any kind of day.

  2. I'm glad to head your okay. I love those boots!


  3. Cute look for a rainy day. LOVE those boots, and the shawl. Cuteness all around! :-)


  4. What a fabulous rainy day look! Love the boots and the bright orange!

  5. Seriously this is a super chic rainy outfit. that shawl brings it all together.


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