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Do you dress up for work? I was talking to a friend the other day and we decided that unless you are a lawyer, banker or salesperson, no one dresses up for work anymore. Do you think that's true? I'm curious to see what industries wear what. Leave me a comment with your industry and the dress code. 
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I'll start. I work in corporate retail/eCommerce and no one dresses up for work. I get a little more dolled up when I have something social going on after work (which I did the day I wore this), but for the most part I'm pretty casual. I don't wear my HOT PINK CONVERSE or t shirts, but I do a lot of blazers, dark denim and flats. I guess we can call that smart casual?

WEARING: h&m blush blazer (VERY SIMILAR) & blouse (SIMILAR), GAP ULTRA SKINNY PANTS, j crew statement necklace (BAUBLEBAR NECKLACE), mojo moxy bow pumps (GREAT OPTION FOR WORK), MAC REBEL LIPSTICK
WORN TO: work followed by dinner


  1. We have a business casual environment, but I like to dress up on days I feel like it. Mostly I wear skirts or dresses, I just like the feel. No one will ever know either if I decide one day to start interviewing ; )

  2. I work in investment banking in NYC and our environment is business casual but most of the men do rock suits or a shirt with a tie. I wear suits,dresses,pencil skirts etc. We are not allowed to wear jeans at all even on Fridays(I! I wear red ones). During the Xmas holiday-New Years you can wear jeans and the day after Thanksgiving.

  3. Well, I'm not a lawyer, but I am a paralegal (same work, not the same pay basically). I think it is debatable as to whether I "dress up" for work. I think I do and my boss thinks I do, but I think some people think I get away with way more than I should in a law office. Love the blazer!

  4. oh my! I love those shoes! As always you look amazing. Well for me I always dress up for work even on casual jeans Friday, I find a way to put in my style with a pair of jeans. Living in Texas and working in an oil and gas industry we are more business casual for the most part I have found that I seem more over dressed most times. But hey who cares right? lol

  5. So, you killed two birds with one stone. Beautiful!!

  6. Love the blush accents. great look!

  7. I am a Director of a child care center. Our dress code requires the teachers to wear khakis or pants (no jeans) and a smock over their shirts. Because I'm upfront and meeting with parents, I dress up my business casual attire with scarves and accessories.

  8. Your such a cutie I love how the necklace compliments the outfit

  9. Good post.

    I work in Healthcare insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield and the dress code consists of slacks, khakis, oxford shirts, preppy wear, etc., or as you stated "smart casual."

    As far as your attire in pics, I like how you often match (color coordination) necklace to blazer/wrist wear to blouse. I always thought that was pretty dope.

  10. I love the combination of blush, black, and white. It's the perfect way to add color to an outfit. Great outfit choice as always!

    Carmen Vogue

  11. I love the combination - very pretty!!

  12. I work for a big manufacturing company, but in the corporate end of things. We have NO dress code at work and in the beginning I found it extremely difficult to figure out what to wear. But now I just wear mainly business casual with scarves for accessories. I always find it funny though when I think I look fairly casual and other folks ask me if I had an interview? lol.


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