Monday, November 18, 2013


As I mentioned on INSTAGRAM I got a chance to see an early screening of the Best Man Holiday last week, and it far, far exceeded my expectations. I hope everyone went out and supported it this weekend, but I will reluctantly bite my tongue and not say anything more and ruin it for those who haven't. Man o man...we will leave it at that. 

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This J. Crew bejeweled color block sweater was love at first sight as were these Jean Michel Cazabat pumps. Thanks to a 30TH BIRTHDAY back in August, I was able to cross both of them off my wish list. And as much as I wear both of them, I can't believe they are just making their blog debut. 
 photo 943a07dc-3fe6-4e24-9819-51b05bcc6259_zps4c525b60.jpg
Happy Monday! Bonus pic of the beautiful California sky.

WORN TO: pre party and early screening of the best man holiday

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  1. That sweater is simply gorgeous. You have a real knack for pairing prints and color. Nice!

  2. I love your sweater and this look so chic and simple, pretty.
    Thanks for your comment.
    If you want to follow me, do not hesitate to subscribe to my blog.
    Very soon.

  3. That sweater is really cute. Those shoes are awesome!

  4. i've only heard great things about the movie - love your outfit!

  5. Gorge ...... Shots !!!!! Love this chic look

  6. Beautiful outfit and great photos!!!Love this jeweled top and these shoes - sigh sigh sigh;-)!!!

  7. Beautiful Sweater! Those pumps are perfect! I am really looking forward to watching Best Man Holiday this weekend.

  8. Simply gorgeous....I want this top :)

  9. It's like a necklace, but on your sweater! Lol I like it. Nice outfit and shot of the ships on the water.

  10. One word to describe everything: BEAUTIFUL!! Yes, the movie is a must see.

  11. so chic my luv- u look radiant!!

    My blog here

  12. You look cute and those shoes are really classy..I love the prints.

  13. Agreed. Best Man Holiday was pretty good and that's unusual for sequels. I also tripped on how the cast hadn't aged one bit. I had awaited this film and it didn't disappoint.

  14. Great outfit! The sweater is really pretty with the embellishments and cute shoes, too.

    Haven't watched "Best Man Holiday" but I was curious and asked a friend for a recap and she became emotional. I was shocked considering the commercials for the movie.

  15. you look stunning! love your shoes!

    i've only heard great things about the movie ... a lot of people said they cried which just means i'll be a big mess!

  16. This top was made for you and these heels are absolutely gorgeous.

    xo, Megan
    indie flower


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