Tuesday, September 20, 2011

nyc in pictures

I spent the last 10 days in New York city, and while I have fun every time I visit, this was probably my most memorable experience. I think it was a combination of the fashion week energy, the great weather and the fact that my b/f has a place there now so it felt like my new home away from home. Here is a bit of picture overload...

Lincoln Center where the street style surely rivaled what was going on behind those tents
Bryant Park is my favorite place to grab a sandwich and rest my feet
My first visit to Madison Square Park, home of the original Shake Shack and this enormous face
I actually didn't get a chance to treat myself to Shake Shack this time because I was too busy stuffing my face at new restaurants...6 restaurants in 10 days to be exact
Empire State of Mind
Slowly becoming more comfortable with solo subway rides
Spent some time furniture browsing in Brooklyn Down Under the Manhattan Bride Overpass (DUMBO)
New York is not New York without an absurd amount of traffic, horns blowing, people yelling, and of course a sea of yellow cabs
And last but not least, an interesting angle of my NYC home away from home


  1. Sounds and looks like it was a really fun trip to the city! Must have been great to take in all the fashion week fun!

  2. So, glad you had such a memorable time... The pictures are really nice!!!!! ~Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Penn Station and Bryant Park... I miss NYC so your pics are right on time. Glad you had a great time!

  4. Interesting and beautiful pixs. It's apparent that you had a magnificent visit. It's also nice to have a home away from home.

  5. That's a nice place to have a home away from home. Did you catch any shows?

  6. Very nice. I love NY, missed my annual trip this year.

  7. Looks like you have a fun trip! so glad that you enjoyed it. I especially love pictures of food lol


  8. Looks like you had a blast! I may go next year, gotta plan it!


  9. lovely pictures, especially the one of the food lol :P :)

  10. New York. Never been, but it's everything I expect it to, judging from what I've heard, seen, these pics and descriptions.

    Good food is always a pleasant thing.

  11. i'm beyond jealous you were in nyc during nyfw! definitely the best time to be there! xx

  12. WOW, I couldn't imagine actually being there for fashion week!! You got some amazing pictures.

  13. Love the empire state picture.;)

  14. I am totally jealous of NYC photos!

    xo SARMIN


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