Thursday, March 3, 2011


I read on someone’s blog that they don’t like taking spring/summer items and translating them into fall looks, and I thought to myself “you’re missing out”.

This little t-shirt dress by Banana is so lightweight and perfect for the warmer months, but throw on some tights, booties and a denim shirt and you’re good to go for fall/winter.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I’m supposed to be going into reclusion until I leave for Atlanta in a few weeks in order to get all my work done (yawn). We’ll see how that works out :-/

And on that note, I’m off to do some statistics, or PR, or e-mail campaign planning, or marketing communications strategizing. Ugh! The list doesn't end…

wearing: ny&co denim shirt, banana republic dress, target necklace, aldo booties, revlon polish in midnight affair

worn to: movies & brunch


  1. aww you look great as always and most definitely i agree they are missing out big time

  2. Red is such a gorgeous color on you!!

    And, you are so right! They are def. missing out on all the remixing you can do if you use your wardrobe the whole year!!

  3. Very clever. I really need to think about using my shirt dresses/tunics this way. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. i totally agree with you! i love wearing my pieces throughout the seasons! you look gorgeous :)

  5. All I do is wear my summer dresses/rompers with tights. I mean, talk bout versatility! They are definitely missing out. Anywho, cute outfit.

  6. great look! love the dress

  7. Didn't know you were into PR! That's what I've been doing for the past five years :-) I love the necklace and couldn't help but notice the nail polish! Spill! LOL

  8. I try to use my pieces as well throughout the seasons. You look very cute!

  9. Transitioning is definitely creative and fun! I really like your shirt and boots.

    Good luck on staying focused chica.

  10. I wear most of my clothes year round...I just find a way to make it work! :)
    Cute the boots!

  11. i love the colors of the outfit!!

  12. a beautiful and creative transition. enjoy your reclusive life while it lasts.

  13. the red looks fabulous on you. But what I love the most is that gorgeous jeans blouse. I never thought that a long blouse could look that amazing. It is still winter, so good idea to combine it with black tights and boots. please never stop smiling because I love your smile!!!

  14. Wow you've been quite the busy bee!!! I adore the boots.

    Happy Friday!


  15. Niice! Love the lace up boots.
    Transitioning items in your closet is a fantastic way to get more wear out of them & push your "outfit creativity" at the same time.

    I need to go into "reclusion" for awhile; I'd be much more productive...probably.

    Here's to getting all our work done:)

  16. love this! You look great, love the denim and red together. And the boots go perfectly

    clothes are cute

  17. hahaha who ever said that, really is missing out - I totally agree !!!
    I always wear summer clothes in the winter, it's all about the layering as your outfit proves, you look really nice as well :) xxx

  18. I really love your t-shirt dress! It looks so comfortable and the color is awesome! :)

    star-crossed smile

  19. First off, your hair= AMAZING! So shiny and full of bounce!
    Love the necklace too really cute.
    And i feel your pain w/ all the pr/marketing stuff... gottta do the same for my client v__v it gets tiring lol

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  20. This outfit is so perfect!I love the red, chambray and black! It's really funny but I was looking at my summer stuff and thinking of ways to make it fall worthy, funny thing is it's not even summer!!!
    Take care =)


  21. lovely outfit! people who don't transition are really missing out there is so much you can do. goodluck with the work load... i know im stressed out too lol


  22. love the booties! I am a sucker for re-interpreting pieces throughout the year! My fave def has to be light spring floral dresses, with really chunky knits, beanies and boots!

    xo Carlina

  23. Omg you look so cute! Love the boots!

  24. I totally agree. I try to buy pieces in which I can incorporate into all seasons! The denim T-shirt dress is a classic!

    xx rk

  25. looks like the consensus is that clothes should be and are in fact seasonless :)

    PearlsandPeepToes i'm studying integrated marketing communications and PR does fall under that bucket, but i am not quite sure that i really understand what PR is or how i feel about it. maybe you can break it down for me :)


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