Monday, February 14, 2011

ladies in red

Last weekend I went to a lovely luncheon put on by a group called Ladies in Red. And yes, you guessed it, everyone was in red. If I go back next year, I'll buy a cute red dress, but this year I opted for a red blazer. It did the trick for the day...

Happy Valentine's Day to all my lovely readers. You guys make my heart smile :) Tomorrow, I will be contacting the winner of the giveaway. Good luck!

P.S. I scored this Gap skirt for $6!
P.P.S I was playing with the camera settings during this "shoot". Each picture really has a different look/feel. Can't wait to take a photograhy class...

wearing: zara blazer, j crew bow top, gap skirt, steve madden luxe heels, michael kors watch
worn to: ladies in red luncheon


  1. love the outfit! the skirt is gorgeous :)

  2. love the blazer,Happy valentine 's day :)

  3. What a very creative look. Love the shoes.

  4. absolutely beautiful girl! you look great :) those heels are cute too!

  5. You look very pretty in this outfit and that is a great score on the skirt.

    I have yet to make it through the manual for my new camera and think a photograpy class is definitely in order. I can't use the auto setting forever. :)

  6. Cute outfit. Love the print on the skirt, what a steal.

  7. You look amazing- I absolutely love your skirt, what a great score! :) Happy Valentine's Day!

    star-crossed smile

  8. i'm totally in love with this blazer - it's awesome!

    happy valentines day :)

  9. I like the play on patterns and colors! Very cute!

  10. cute oufit,i like it
    Happy valentine's day

  11. I love that skirt! This is such a cute outfit!

  12. Looking good there girl!

    ok, this is going to sound crazy but your brows look perfect!

    Oh yeah...we are having wonderful weather here in the A! It'll be 70 Friday!

  13. That was a perfect outfit for the luncheon. Everything was beautifully paired.

  14. Very cute outfit, and perfectly festive for Valentine's Day!!


  15. Love everything you are wearing! Beautiful.

  16. That entire outfit is adorable - and only $6 for the shirt?! Good shopping!

    I see a photo of shrimp poking out from the post below. Off to explore the recipe you blogged about ;)

    Cute blog!

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  18. Hi! I found your blog through Everybody, Everywear and I love it. I wore this exact skirt yesterday, too! (I thought I had a great deal on it for $11, but you got a better one!)
    Your top is really cute and those MKors heels are HOT!
    You've got a new follower!


    (sorry I accidentally deleted this post the first time around)

  19. thanks everyone! hope you all had a lovely vday :)

    kish-i just saw you in the skirt on your blog! great minds think alike ;)

    corie-you think my brows look good???!!! that's exciting to hear. i haven't gotten them done in almost 2 months. maybe i'm on to something? enjoy that beautiful weather. it's raining here now.

    fshnonmymind-my camera came with a photograph class video, and i've learned a lot to say i knew NOTHING before. but i definitely think i can benefit from a class.

  20. Hey doll, love the look and those shoes! I recently purchased a pair of MKors and I heart them Xs 10. The day you don't have room for the skirt please notify me and I'll email you my addy :)

  21. Just came across your blog and am such a huge fan of your thoughtful posts & sweet, chic outfits! I love that jcrew top! Was that Zara blazer a recent find? I love that electric red!

  22. Love the outfit, and congrats on scoring the deal on the $6 gap skirt. That's awesome!


  23. LOVE that skirt and I simply CANNOT believe that it was 6 dollars! omg.
    You got a DEAL girl.

  24. i live for a great deal! can't wait to share another one i came across yesterday :)

    kerissa- i already don't have room for it and bought it anyway. i have the same issue with shoes :-/

    potpiedumonde- that is really sweet :) i like the word thoughtful. the blazer is at least a year and a half old. i haven't been in zara recently, but h&m has soooooo many blazers these days. also check thrift stores...

  25. ahahahah you have like some lil person up in your head like, 'everyone knows why you take pics - so it's okay to take pics for your blog of random stuff' whereas the person in my head is like 'wtf you doing! People are gone think your nuts man' loooooool

    Can I just say the colour of your blazer is sexaaaayyyy!!
    Loving it - also loving the colour on you, seriously suits you :) xxx

  26. I really love the black detail on your white blouse!!!
    Great outfit :)


  27. This outfit is too fly. You dress great girl! I am now a fan! I am following you and have added you to my fav blogs list! smooches! Nekiah


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