Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i've been featured!

Thanks for the well wishes with grad school. I've had two classes and so far so good :) My outfit came together nicely, but unfortunately you're going to have to wait and see what I came up with because I haven't quite worked out taking pictures of myself at my new residence. I guess I need to get a tripod...
But on a brighter AND colorful note, here is the last outfit picture from my trip to New York. As evident in THIS post, I held true to my theme of color and prints :)
During the day in NY I was always running around in flat sandals and my feet were KILLING me.
So, on the last day, I opted for these wedges and they were the answer to my feet's prayers :) I find Jessica Simpson shoes to be some of the most comfortable out there.

On an even brighter note, I am so excited that the lovely Elle of Edk.Dolce did a feature on me. Please check out our Q&A HERE

wearing: tj maxx top, f21 skirt, jessica simpson wedges, badgley mischka bag, michael kors watch

worn to: brunch at pink teacup (YUM), and central park (FUN)


  1. congrats for your feature!!!

    Also, I love the colors, the outfit...the shoes! You look very cute.

  2. I love those Jessica Simpson shoes you have on. I'm an avid wedge wearer/ Heels too because flats do my feet no justice.

    JS and her designing team are fabulous at creating wonderful AND comfortable shoes. Mine are one of my most faves in my entire shoe collection too.

  3. Beautiful,Bright,Bold colors and an interesting interview. Congratulations!!

  4. I love how you play with color. So beautiful. Hope you have a great semester this fall!

  5. congrats for the feature! & i agree about wedges, they are the most comfortable shoes!

    loving the colorful outfit, as per usual! ^_^


  6. so your feet flats??
    lol, so jealous of/confused by this. alas, my footwear consists primarily of flats because it is most comfortable to run about the city (blocks and blocks of asphalt) in something that keeps my feet close to the ground. i'll just about break my neck in anything taller than 1", unless it's like 7", and then i'm super comfy b/c that usually means it has a platform.

    glad you're enjoying school! i'm still trying to get my bearings and trying to beat back the inevitable nervousness that always plagues me when starting a new project.

    you look absolutely beautiful in that first shot. love the top/skirt. the proportions are perfect.

  7. I hope this finds you doing well. I've had a rough week. I got laid off on Tuesday. Now I have to find a new job in such a bad economy. Wish me luck. Thanks. Take care. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

  8. The shirt looks like a piece of art. I really like it.

  9. very cute!!! i love the colors on the shirt and how you wore it with the skirt, very chic :)

    feel free to check out my blog:

  10. congrats on the feature!

    also - i love your shirt!!! i'm all about colorful outfits :)


  11. Love your wedges. The color and shape is amazing.

  12. Congrats on your feature.. you always have lovely bright colors =)

  13. thanks everyone and thanks again elle for the feature :)

    pennerad-as strange as it sounds when i walk a lot in flats by the end of the day my feet are exhausted. flats keep your feet so close to the ground, but a wedge, the right comfortable wedge, is much better for me since it kinda acts as a barrier between my foot and the ground.

    keith-i'm so sorry to hear that. i was really hoping that wasn't going to happen. everything happens for a reason and i am sure something bigger and better is in your future.

    sunny-it does kinda look like abstract art. hmmm...never noticed that! but fashion is art so it makes sense...

  14. Love your top! It's such a versatile piece.

  15. You're so right about Jessica Simpson's shoes! love the colors by the way! I'm inspired :)


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