Wednesday, January 6, 2010

jet lag



old navy sweater, f21 sweater dress, steven boots

I am back from my trip home for the holidays and I am beat! I took the red eye in, and didn't sleep a body is trying to readjust to a 3 hour time difference, I'm preparing for two major meetings at work and I HAVE A COLD! Ugh! Despite my Debbie Downer tone, I had fantastic time with my family and friends while in Cali! I wish I could have stayed another week.

About the b/f's aunt bought me this chunky sweater on Black Friday, and I've worn probably 5 times since. Needless to say, I really like it! It's my go to item on my lazy days.


  1. It is a beautiful,warm, and cozy sweater. I love the pattern.

  2. Your style is amazing and you are so beautiful!!
    I'm following u!
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