Sunday, December 13, 2009

12 days of christmas


Day 1- Vintage Green Statement Necklace (from, $41) This is the first statement necklace I have seen within my limited budget.

Day 2- J Brand Jeans (from, $170) I really need skinny blue jeans b/c, well...I don't have any! I like J Brand's but I would settle for more affordable J Crew's.

Day 3-Belted Sweater Coats/Cardigans (from, $26) I can't get enough of these!!!!!!!!!!

Day 4- Harvest Berry Candle (from, $9.50) I can always use candles....only requirement MUST SMELL GOOD AND STRONG!

Day 5- Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Drawstringy (from $528) This bag is calling my name and I really need to answer.

Day 6- Christian Louboutin Miss 120 (from, $1075) I love booties and I love CL. I think these were made for me.

Day 7- Ray Ban Sunnies (rayban,com, $159) I desperately need some sunglasses! Squinting is not cute, and gives you wrinkles.

Day 8 -OPI in Yoga-ta Get This Blue (, $9) I never thought I would wear blue polish, but I think I am ready to give it a shot.

Day 9 - Polka Dot Tights (, $13) American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, H&M...I've heard all these places carry dotted tights and I have yet to find them in any store :(

Day 10- Marc Jacobs Lola (, $48) I like the bottle more than I like the scent.

Day 11- Scarf/Shawl/Pashmina (, $11) Scarves make everything better. Another item I can't get enough of...

Day 12- Card Case (, $4.50) I'm not good with wallets. This is a chic alternative.

**Bonus**- Chinese Laundry Rain Boots (, $60) Every morning that I wake up and it's raining, I wish I had a pair.


  1. great picks, especially those louboutin booties!

    Clothes Are Cute

  2. i'm still lusting over those Louboutin booties!

  3. That bag is callng OUR NAME!! Oh, I love it.

  4. every female blogger would stand to subscribe to your blog. awesome post.

  5. you all are making me regret not getting those booties when i found them greatly reduced on 2 sites :( ugh! i need to live on the edge more...


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