Monday, September 7, 2009

what's cooking?

j crew cardi, urban dress, jessica simpson shoes

I love aprons. I know it's a strange thing to love, but Anthropoligie has the cutest friggin aprons. I don't wear them to cook now, but I will when I am a wife. In the meantime, I buy dresses that remind me of aprons, like the one in the picture, and I pair them with cardigans that don't match anything, but the color is fab and the material is soft ;)

How cute are these Anthro aprons???


  1. Are those really aprons? This may inspire me to cook more by purchasing one.Pairing the "apron"(oops!) DRESS with the cardigan is such a creative idea.

  2. yep...really aprons :) maybe you'll get one for christmas.

  3. OMG. I just blogged about antrhopologie aprons a few days ago!

  4. You look beautiful and these aprons are soo adorable!

  5. cute outfit love the jessica simpson shoes. I've really been wanting a apron dress there so vintagy

  6. I like the idea of an aproned wife! Lol

    PS. Very nice shoes!


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