Wednesday, September 16, 2009


old navy tank, tocs watch, f21 necklace and skirt

Thanks to a friend of a friend, I kinda sorta figured out how to photograph myself!!!!!! I haven't fully gotten the hang of it, but trust me, these pics are way better than what I was doing, and hopefully they will continue to get better with time.

On to the outfit...this is what I wore last Friday night to the club. I realized two things that night 1) I'm almost at that age where I am too old for the club 2) The zipper on the back of this skirt is not just for aesthetics. Number 1 I realized right away, unfortunately number 2 didn't dawn on me until the end of the night when I nearly busted my a** trying to walk up stairs :(


  1. Nice... how did u handle number 2!

  2. Nice skirt, love the zipper

  3. The skirt is gorgeous and the zipper is so symmetrical. I am glad you did not bust your a** or that someone did not try to unzip the skirt.

  4. Great look! Love the zipper! Oh and don't fret, when you graduate from clubs, you can just focus more on the lounges. And one day when you are really old, you'll think lounges are clubs.

  5. maxine-luckily i was able to play it off and no one even noticed (i don't think)

    nubia-thanks!love all the fashion pics on your blog!

    myrtle-i never thought abt someone unzipping it! that would be awful.

    fashion on my lips-i normally do lounges. last weekend was an exception AND a reminder why i normally do lounges :)

  6. Hii, I adore that skirt!

    I checked out your entry about the 'Do You Lilac it' shade, & I agree. It doesn't really match alot of stuff, but that's what I like about it! :)

    Thanks for checking out my blog, hope to chat with you soon!
    ♥ Christine
    What Was I Thinking?

  7. that zipper is a trendy and stylish add to the skirt ... im was always to old for the club .. inside im like a 40yr old .

  8. i know that bag is gorgeous so is your skirt.
    you look adorablbe!

  9. Wow, you look absolutely stunning! Love the skirt!

  10. Love your skirt!


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