Tuesday, January 24, 2017



So when in the season is it too late to wear tartan pants? I originally intended on wearing these beauties to Midnight Mass on Christmas, but it was far too cold to have my ankles exposed. I still have yet to wear them anywhere, and now I'm wondering did I miss the boat until next holiday? Let me know what you think please and thank you.

WEARING: J CREW PANTS ON SALE FOR $40!!FAUX FUR STOLE FROM AMAZON, jean michel cazabat heels (SPLURGE), target sunnies

let's get social

  photo 6ee01289-6c46-40a4-913e-0ad85c8d4a20_zps3735f14e.jpg
**shot by WORK IT, BERK**

Moments before this stranger's dog attacked me for my faux fur. Totally worth the shot though :)


  1. Love your outfit. Dare to be different and wear those tartan pants!! A man's best friend? What about a woman's best friend? The last picture is priceless!

  2. It's never to late to wear anything, but that's just my opinion, ;-) Love your look and those pants are GREAT! The last pic is perfect by the way!


  3. There is no time limit for an outfit for any chic fashionista like you. That faux fur stole is pretty and I hope the big beautiful furry friend left it intact!


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