Wednesday, September 16, 2015


 photo bicycle_sweater_isola_brianna203.jpg
 photo bicycle_sweater_isola_brianna206.jpg
 photo bicycle_sweater_isola_brianna.jpg
 photo bicycle_sweater_isola_brianna202.jpg
 photo bicycle_sweater_isola_brianna205.jpg
 photo bicycle_sweater_isola_brianna204.jpg

I try to dress my age. I promise I do. But there's something about novelty sweaters that I'm drawn to. And backpacks? They are far more comfortable than purses (even a cross-body), especially when I have my camera with me. So what can I say? It's all about bikes and backpacks today. Happy Hump Day! 

PS-I'm less than a week away from my annual September vacay. Who can guess where I'm going?! Hint: I have a 14 hour direct flight from New York & it's not in Europe. Follow me on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK or TWITTER for the big revel.

WEARING: h&m peach blazer, the limited bike sweater (SIMILAR,SIMILAR) gap jeans, ISOLA BRIANNA SANDAL ON SALE FOR $44TARGET BACKPACK

let's get social
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  1. I tend to think those things are pretty any age appropriate! I love the color of your blazer! And that backpack is great!

  2. Gorgeous outfit! And you are going to Belize or Panama! I am the same way about novelty sweaters and backpacks, it just matches with my comfort, feelings and aesthetic!

  3. Love the entire look! I know where you are going, but I won't reveal. Have a GREAT vacation and be safe!

  4. Love the outfit. Simple and chic, indeed! Enjoy your vaca!

    P.S. Love the backpack!

    ~Whitney 'Nic' James


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