Tuesday, September 11, 2012

back to school cool

When I think of typical back to school looks I think argyle, pleated skirts, and sweater vests (it’s the Catholic school girl in me) but for fall 2012, if you went into any classroom from preschool on up, what do you think is the big trend? Colored denim! I am done with school for the rest of my life…God willing, and I wore this on a day trip to Santa Cruz, but with the big tote, funky flats, and youthful colors, I could just as easily be headed to my first day of school.
How did/do people dress in your high school and college? I went to an all girl’s college (Spelman) and it was a fashion show for sure. Of course you had people who kept it casual, but a girl walking around in a LBD and 5 inch Prada pumps wasn’t exactly out of place…

worn to: spend the day in santa cruz
EBEW - Back To School


  1. LOVING those loafers!
    You went to Spelman?! So funny I went to CAU! I always loved that the 'strip' was basically a fashion show (albeit bad 90's fashion).
    love the sunnies too!

  2. We had to wear a forest green tartan uniform, it's put me off dark green forever.

    I'm not a pant's girl myself but I really like the coloured jeans look, yours look great on you, especially with that pretty blouse xo

  3. The loafers are really cute, I love the outfit!!

    At my school it was all about fashion (girls an guys), if I say what the fashion was I will be telling my age and don't want to do that, LOL!!! ;-)

    Carsedra of:



  4. Love this color combo!!
    High school wasn't a huge fashion show (unless you were a popular girl). Fashions really ran the gamut!

  5. I'm loving your EBEW back to school look! especially the mint green pants!

    I do have a favour to ask you as a fellow blogger, could you help with a contest I have entered? its for an ottawa, canada contest to be the next fashion Vlogger (video log) for a mall here


    If you can vote I would really really appreciate it!

  6. I just discovered your blog and I love it! Your style is simply adorable! I just started a blog and would love for you to check it out! Feel free to leave any feedback and advice. I'm still trying to figure everything out.


  7. I went to high school in the early nineties and grunge was the thing! Too big flannel shirts and giant jeans were the thing. Neither of which I have ever (or will ever) wear. ;) I rocked my dresses and skirts even when it was decidedly not cool! ;)
    Love this look! The pretty colors are so fab and I love the edgy loafers. ;)

  8. Love this look! And the loafers are amazing!

  9. in HS i always wore something preppy and casual. i was an athlete and school newspaper editor so my look was a lot different than what it is now, LOL!

    love your outfit. great colors and those flats are great!


  10. love the color pairing and I have that same shirt and a pair a jeans similar to yours.I know what I'm wearing to class tomorrow :)

  11. THOSE SHOES!! I drool over them every time! They're amazing and so is this outfit, seems you'd be the cool casual chic girl for sure!

    PS: Had no idea you went to Spelman! Very cool!

  12. So cute! I llove colored denim!! I dressed urban and trendy back in high school but I did win best dressed senior year!!

  13. Perfect sorbet colors- love them on you!

    x carlina

  14. LOVE this look! I love how you contrast the soft colors with the "hard" edge of the shoe. Very clever.


  15. A cute, casual, and comfy look.

  16. i'm obsessed with your loafers and your style!
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  17. Your Sam Edelmans, I have been wanting those for some time now. I can't bring myself to buy it full price, when ever I see it less online, of course they don't have my size. I want to black pair. So jealous! Quick question, have any of the spikes fell off? I would be so annoyed if I bought it & they fell off.

  18. Love the combination of mint and peach, the spiked shoes keep it from being too sweet. I definitely dressed up in H.S. and college, but now that I'm teaching college that does not seem to be common. All my students roll in, in sweats and tanks.

  19. we wore uniforms in my high school.

  20. Totally. I think that the idea of school clothes has vastly changed in the past few decades and also varies. I mean, a high schooler isn't going to wear the same things as a collegiate. I think this is a good spin on the first day of school look. I love the soft colors and those great spiked flats!

  21. Your outfit reminds me of rainbow sherbet. :D Nice color match up...love your edgy shoes!

  22. I love your shoes and the color combo you chose. Very nice.

    -Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

  23. Sitting here thinking to myself how each and every one of your photographs appear as if they're posted from a magazine.

  24. Love the color combo of your outfit. Lovely!


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