Sunday, October 9, 2011

hair story: the hana titanium flat iron

It was perfect timing when the people over at MISIKKO asked me to review a HANA flat iron because I was in the market for a new one and I've gotten many, many requests for a hair post recently so let's get to it with part I...
MISIKKO sent me this 1.5" TITANUM HANA FLAT IRON. I am accustom to using a rounded flat iron so this was a change, but I loved it. The flat shape allowed me to get close to my roots which was very important because I am almost 6 weeks post relaxer.

Here are before and after shots of my hair and you can see how silky and straight it turned out. Remember, I am in need of a relaxer, and I am not even close to a professional but I was still able to achieve great results. I'm guessing it's because HANA flat irons are deemed salon grade, and I know the titanium plates really helped me achieve great shine!
Next to the flat iron, my favorite thing is the cute packaging and all the goodies that came with it! I got everything from heat protectant to a heat proof pouch, and even some gloss for my lips :) I highly recommend the 1.5" TITANUM HANA FLAT IRON but MISIKKO does offer several brands including CHI IRONS. And if you are in the market for other products, they also have a wide selection of HAIR DRYERS, including a brand new HANA HAIR DRYER.

Stay tuned for part II. I will post my regimen and some of my other favorite products.


  1. Looks great. I love products with Tourmaline. Non-damaging to the hair and gives it a subtle shine! Great job! Ive never heard of them but now I am glad I do.

  2. thanks for this post. I'm shopping for a new flat iron!!

  3. Your hair looks great in the after picture. But then again, it always looks great. I like the flat iron, but I'd definitely have to get a thinner one. Maybe 1".

  4. your hair looks beautifully flat.;)

  5. Being able to get close to the roots is so important and woohoo for a free flat iron just in time!

  6. how ironic; i was just talking to my mom about purchasing a flat iron. i have never been able to do my own hair. i am really trying to "dyi"


  7. Great product...lovely hair: shinny and healthy looking. I will be waiting for part two.

  8. ohh i heard about Hana before! I havent got the chance to get myself one of their products though..
    well, thanks for the review! the result looks fantastic on you! ;)

  9. I really can use one of these... I have worn out my In Styler (I'm on my third one). Thanks for the before and after...
    There is a fabulous give away over on my blog, ending tomorrow!!! Check it out!
    -Dazzled and Fabulous


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