Sunday, April 18, 2010

spring into fall shoes

Now that I have less than two weeks left as an Assistant Shoe Buyer (with my current company at least) I felt it appropriate to finally do a post on what's going to be big this Fall. I know spring has just recently sprung, but in the retail/fashion world we work way ahead. Here are some of the trend highlights from the shoe show I attended back in February.


LACE ME UP-When I think of lace shoes, I think of formal events.But there's a new face of lace and it can worn during the day just as easily as can be at night! (Christian Louboutin)

CLOG IT OUT- Cute and can't go wrong with a pair of clogs, especially when they are super cute like these. (Biviel)

LUG SOLES- This type of sturdy sole is typically seen in hiking boots, but it's been popping up everywhere lately, even in pumps. This is one trend that will have to grow on me...(Prada)

(OFF) WHITE OUT- I've always worn white after Labor Day. I'm glad the fashion world is finally catching up to me ;) (Camilla Skovgaard)

METALLICA- Metallics continue to be big, and what better to wear them, than with a fashion right pair of oxfords. (Nine West)

PONY HAIR- I'm all over pony hair animal prints and you should be too. (Naughty Monkey)

FLOWER PATCH- I am obsessed with all things, dresses, jumper, tees. The only thing missing is floral for my feet. (TopShop)

WEDGED- I don't think wedge heels are going anywhere, or at least I sure hope they are not. I find all of my wedge boots to be far more comfortable than my flat sandals and I really wish I could wear them year round. (Asos)

MAN UP-We've got boyfriend blazers and jeans. We want our shirts to be a little less fitted and of course oxfords are still all the rage. I think we will see them in a lot more colors this fall. (Camper)

CUT IT OUT- I love shoes with cutout detailing, and I love the color of these although I don't think I'd wear them. (Kurt Geiger).

I got a lovely blog award from the lovely Don at Minus the Bars. This is one of the few, if not the only, non-fashion blogs I follow, so you know he must be good ;) I am going to pass this blog award along to his hers, b/c they are a lovely couple with a blog full of lovely pictures! Be sure to check both blogs out.



  1. Thanks for the sneak preview.

  2. the yellow oxfords are soo pretty! i want them in all colors. i am searching for the perfect silver pair in the moment!


  3. Congrats on the online boutique!!

    KF forwarded me the link :) So proud of you! Keep doing your thing...

  4. i definitely know that clogs are the comebacks.. i'll pass, ithink mary janes are also trendy right now am i right?

  5. Thank you so much!!!!! I'm so flattered, we truly appreciate it!! (((HUGS)))

  6. i love the 2 outfits below, but only just catching up on reading blogs!
    i hope you're mostly excited about your move! i'm making one of my own, though a little further out. i'm terrified and exhilarated at the same time. i'd LOVE to be a shoe buyer, though. would be incredible to do what i love ALL. DAY. LONG. :)
    thanks for the input. will be taking notes.

  7. thanks everyone!

    damsels i buy for the older consumer, so MJ's were big since my first day on the job, but i didn't see to many "trendy" one's when i was at the show.

    pennerad you can take my place :) they are interviewing for my position now!

  8. Nice selection of shoes. I know I can't live without my oxford!

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